Traffic updates in London on buses

Anyone who has travelled or does travel regularly in the City of London knows how much of a nightmare is to get around. It’s challenging enough on the weekends and off-peak hours. When you work in London and you need to travel there during peak hours, it is no picnic.

Transport for London are bringing out a new scheme which will place traffic information and live updates on the back of busses.

The famous red double-decker bus will now be a way to see live traffic information so you can be kept up to date on road closures nearby or accidents which could hold you up.

For motorists this is a much safer alternative than to keep checking your phone for traffic updates, with traffic update on busses there is no need to look at your phone and you just keep your eye on the road thus making it less distracting when driving.

Trials of this new scheme have actually started between Liverpool Street and Clapham Junction, these trials will continue to run for the next six months to see how they perform and how they are going to be taken by the public and the motorists.


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