How To Lose Weight At Home

Home Workout Routine to Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most taxing tasks at hand, both emotionally and physically. While many people join gyms with the hope of losing those pesky pounds, not all sustain till the end of their membership. People who failed to reach their weight loss goals through gym claim that many gym-goers quit due to variety of reasons, including lack of time, lack of motivation or both. However, does that mean your dream to achieve that summer body is just that? A dream? Absolutely not! Believe it or not, gym is a very small portion of your weight loss journey. What you need more than that is persistence, balanced diet and motivation to keep going. Once you have these three, you can achieve your goals from anywhere.


Having said that, many people prefer to keep their workouts location independent. Gym, just like any other daily task, can become incredibly monotonous after a while. This often becomes one of the biggest reasons for people to quit. Working out at home can eliminate excuses and give you more flexibility to stay true to your routine.


If you are a beginner and want to get started on your weight loss journey with a healthy lifestyle, then this 5-minute fat bursting home routine is all you need. You will be able to notice a change in your body within the first few weeks. As you get comfortable with the exercises, just gradually increase the intensity and reps to get a more rigorous workout. The beauty of this routine is that you can do it anywhere. You can be sitting in your living room or in a hotel room halfway across the world!


Quick fat burning exercises that you can do at home or anywhere:


What gets most people excited about home workout is its flexibility and affordability. You don’t need to throw in money for the expensive gym memberships or pay for lavish equipment. All you need is a towel, a mat and a jump rope to get started.


Workout Set 1


In this set, total of 8-exercises have been included that must be done in a circuit form. You can start with 30-seconds and gradually increase it to a pace that you can comfortably keep. Remember to warm up before you start!


  1. Jump Squats:


Jump squats is the best and the most effective cardio exercise that can help you torch those fat deposits. With regular practice, you can not only improve your cardiovascular strength but tone the fat off your thighs as you work the entire body.


To perform this exercise, you need to stand shoulder width apart. Bend as much as you comfortably can into a squat position. As you exit the position, you need to jump up and land back into a squat. This intensive exercise will work up your heartbeat and make you sweat. If you want the best results, then make your squat as deep as you can. Fit in as many reps as you can in 30 seconds and then move on to the next exercise with a short 10-second break.

  1. Skipping Exercise:


Another high intensive and highly effective exercise to lose weight is skipping. It is simple and can be done anywhere, anytime. This exercise targets weight on your thighs and stomach, which is also one of the most challenging areas to lose weight from. All you need to do is take your jump rope and skip for the next 30-seconds. You can also add a little variation by jumping normally for the first 20-seconds and then increasing the pace for the last 10-seconds.


  1. Alternating Lunge


Lunges are also a cardio-intensive exercise that can help you torch calories and also build muscles at the same time. This exercise not only works your leg muscles but also goes a long way in strengthening your abdomen and lower back muscles. It even helps in improving your body’s balance while stabilizing the core. To do lunges, you need to stand straight with your right leg forward. Then bend at the knees to form lunge position, putting all your weight on the heels of your feet. Resume standing position by putting all your weight on the right heel and repeat the same move with left leg. Push yourself into standing position by pushing your weight onto your left heel. This entire exercise makes one rep. Repeat it as many times as you can in the next 30-seconds.


  1. Single Leg Lift Jump Exercise


When you want to lose weight, including this exercise in your exercise routine is a must. It not only works your core muscles, but also your thighs at the same time. Moreover, it helps you gain more balance. Start by standing straight and lifting your left leg off the ground. Now as you come up, try to touch the ground with your hands, keeping your left leg up. The idea is to touch the ground and jump on your single leg. Alternate between legs for the next 30-seconds. As you switch between your legs, remember to shake off the strain. While it may be slightly challenging in the beginning, you will be able to do it more accurately after practicing for sometime.


  1. Inverted V Pipe Exercise


After doing the cardio, it is time to get to the mat. Inverted V Pipe exercise is best for your abs. It also helps you tone your arms and the core. Repeat this exercise for 30-seconds and increase the duration over a period of time. For this exercise, you need two towels that will allow your feet to gain smooth movement on the floor. Lie down on the mat facing down and place your toes on the towel. Balance your body by placing your hands on the ground. Now get on all fours and use the towel to pull your legs closer to your body. Aim to make an inverted V shape with it. Now stretch backwards by pushing your legs away from your hands. Repeat this exercise for 30-seconds, concentrating on your arms, lower back and the core.


  1. W Leg Lifts Exercise


Through this exercise, you will be able to tone your legs and abs. Lie down on the mat on your back, placing your legs close to each other. Now raise your legs straight up and bring them closer to your abdomen. As you bring your legs down, stretch them out in the other direction, bringing them back to your stomach. Repeat this procedure for 30-seconds until you feel the burn in your legs and tummy as you proceed. This exercise regularly can tone the belly and help reduce fat from your lower body.


  1. Superman Exercise


This exercise not only reduces fat on your stomach but also on your abs, thighs and lower back. Once you have done W lifts, lie face down on the mat. Stretch your body by keeping your hands and legs taut. Now slowly lift your chest and thighs off the ground while balancing your body on your stomach. As you do this, try to keep yourself as straight as you possibly can. Repeat it for 30-seconds and feel the burn in your belly.


  1. Glute Bridge


When you want to target your lower body, nothing works better than the glute bridge exercise. It specifically targets your core muscles and butt. Additionally, it also works your calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and lower back. This can easily be called as a complete lower body workout. Start with lying flat on a floor mat, knees bent at the knees. Place your feet flatly on the ground. Now gently raise your hips off the ground, forming a straight line from your shoulder to your knees. As you hold the position, bring your right knee to your chest and hold for a second before you lower it down. Repeat the same move with your left leg. This entire process makes one rep. Repeat this exercise for at least 1 minute before you start cool off.


This fat burning routine is easy and can be done anywhere, anytime. However, for best results, you should do it every morning on an empty stomach. If you are exercising in the evening, you can drink 2-glasses of water at least an hour before you intend to hit the mat. Doing this routine regularly will help you lose weight fast. Additionally, you can also include some protein sources in your diet such as egg whites. This will help you gain more energy and make your workout routine more enjoyable rather than tiresome. Remember to follow a healthy, balanced diet to gain best results. Weight loss is not just about working out, it is a lot to do with eating clean as well. Combine your exercising routine with clean eating and you will be able to see phenomenal results in no time.


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