Some emerging technologies that you may not have heard off yet

If you think things like the iPad or the iPhone are cutting edge amazing technology then you are seriously miss in formed. There have been some very good advancements in the technology world but this goes far beyond the reach of companies like Apple, Microsoft or Sony.

In this article we will be looking at some of the technology is inventions and creations that you probably haven’t heard of but now you have.

Mixed reality

You may have heard of things like virtual reality and possibly even augmented reality. But mixed reality is a whole new different ballgame. Things like Microsoft hollow lens are actually taking this into the next level which is called mixed reality.

Mixed reality is almost in hybrid or a mix of virtual reality and all mentored reality and a little bit of reality reality thrown in. This is where you are able to put graphics in your real life environment, where ever you are.

Another technology that seems to be coming up is called robotic exoskeletons.

Exoskeletons which are robotic have been helping us humans for a while now.

They are meant for those of us who are injured in some way and have lost one of their body limbs. I actually think they look very cool as well because you can’t be part man, pop machine.

3-D mapping

3-D mapping is another very nice technology used to give the user a much more realistic vision of what needs to be shown.

With 3-D mapping you can visualise yourself in a building so for people like estate agents or even museums for guided tours, this technology is actually groundbreaking.

Flying cars.

Flying cars another tech which is actually quite cool and if it does kickoff it will be a life changer. Imagine flying yourself to wherever you want to go, in the whole wide world. This is another tech thats on the horizon which will be able to give you that power. One of the company which will be doing this is actually backed by Google’s Larry Page.